Executive and Members

British Columbia Coast Chapter Team

  • Executive Board
    • Chapter Chair: Leana Temoana
    • Vice Chair: Chioma Okoro/Navjot Bahga
    • Secretary: Lien Tran
    • Treasurer: Lise Ash
  • Standing Committees
    • Scholarships:  Marcia S, Michelle P, Larissa C, Caitlyn L
    • Membership:  Madeline U/Sable A.  membershipbccoast99s@gmail.com
    • Mentorship (currently in development): Colette M
    • Merchandise: Jenna F
    • Poker Run Prize donation collection: Lien T
    • Fundraising:
    • Airshow 99s Coordinator: Aryna M/Lise A/ Sable A
  • Communications Team
    • Website: Sable Abitbol
    • Email Correspondent: Madeline U/Sable A
    • Social media Facebook & Instagram: Rebecca J/Samantha P
    • Let’s Go Flying Facebook page: Navjot B
    • Chapter Newsletter Editor: Diana J
    • 99s News Coordinator: Madeline U
  • Event Management Leads
    • Social Events and Activities Coordinator: Sable A
    • Flying Activities Coordinator:
    • Flight Planning Sessions: Marcia S
    • Colette’s WOAWW “Fly It Forward” at CYSE: Colette M and Madeline U
    • 2024 International 99s Conference in Vancouver: Victoria F, Cindy Pang, Marcia S

Our West Canada Section is hosting the 2024 International 99s Conference right here in Vancouver! Planning committee volunteers needed.

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