Inspiring women pilots since 1929!

The Ninety-Nines is an international organization of women pilots that promotes advancement of aviation through education, scholarships and mutual support while honouring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight.

JOIN US: Interested individuals can contact our membership chair, Margaret, at margaret.coombes@ufv.ca for more information.


  • Give Hope Wings – a message from Lise Ash

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    The idea of circumnavigating the state of Alaska, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories in a single-engine aircraft is the last thing I imagined doing when I started working on my pilot’s licence five years ago.

    The Give Hope Wings Northwest Expedition I joined was made up of eight pilots in three aircraft. We took off from Pitt Meadows on June 15th, 2019.  Over the next three-weeks we visited thirty-six remote towns and villages and raised $250,000 which funded one thousand flights for Canadian families in need.

    Some of my highlights were:

    – Virginia Falls: where we discovered waterfalls twice the height of Niagara’s.

    – In Inuvialuktun, N.W.T.: the mayor Natasha presented each of us with an honorary Arctic Circle Certificate of Passage.

    – Denali National Park: where we witnessed an avalanche for the first time.

    – The day we flew out into the Bering Sea. We went as close to the Russian boarder as we could—without causing an international incident. The snow-capped Siberian mountains were visible in the distance. Below us were two small islands, Little Diomede—in Alaska and Big Diomede—in Russia. Only 2.5 miles apart they straddle the dateline, creating a twenty-four-hour time difference.

    While the expedition was an adventure it was the warm-hearted people I remember the most. In one remote outpost a radio operator shared her deep sadness over the sudden loss of her young nephew. She asked me for a hug. Deeply touched, I obliged.

    Along the way we received countless words of thanks and appreciation from people who have used Hope Air’s services before. On our last night in the little town of Sandspit, on Moresby Island, a waitress wouldn’t take our money when she found out who we were and what we were doing. Her family and several friends had used Hope Air a number of times.

     All Canadians enjoy universal health care. However, many people living in remote communities cannot afford access to that care. Hope Air bridges the gap between home and hospital.

    Give Hope Wings Coast to Coast 2021

    Next June a fleet of fifty planes will fly across Canada—twice—and raise $1 Million as a part of the Give Hope Wings Coast to Coast Expedition. The money we raise will fund four thousand flights for families in need. This expedition will be broken up into three separate tours; Southern, Eastern, and Northern. You can fly one, or all of them, the choice is yours.

    Hope Air’s services are always needed but have become especially necessary during the COVID-19 crisis. Mark your calendar and join the team now.

    For more information feel free to contact me, or Hope Air directly –


    Tailwinds,   Lise Ash

  • Erissa Slideshow Tribute
  • Poker Run 2020 Cancelled 
    After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that the Poker Run of 2020 will be postponed until 2021. Thank you to all of our supporters and participants- we look forward to Poker Run 2021 with you all. Sincerely, 
    Your executive team 
    British Columbia Coast 99s
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  • Congratulations to Jenna Forseth the winner of the 2020 AEMSF Scholarship Multi/IFR Rating!
  • April 2020: Regrettably, BC Coast 99s Poker Run is postponed until September or October 2020. We are staying hopeful! Further information will be sent in late summer 2020.    …     Thank you. We wish you all a healthy year.
  • December 2019: The 99s Museum of Women Pilots has reopened sales of the commemorative Wall of Wings. Attached is a flyer with some pictures and details: WOW flyer
  • 2020 Poker Run will be on June 7th (with a rain date of June 14th)
  • Congratulations to Madeline Ungurain ! We are proud to announce Madeline has been selected by the AEMSF Trustees as the latest recipient of the “FLY NOW” Award to complete her PPL. Below, Clare met “Amelia Earhart” in Atchison, Kansas at her birthplace mansion, restored by the 99s.

  • BC Coast 99s extend our warmest Congratulations to Our beloved Caroline Kolasa-Scott ! Air Canada, First officer on the A320 !!
    Carolyn was our past BC Coast chapter chair. Through hard work and dedication, Carolyn has achieved her GOAL. We are all very PROUD of you!! 
  • Check out this article about Ramona encouraging more women to fly!! http://www.vicnews.com/news/386646211.html?mobile=true
  • The 99s are thrilled to be a finalist in the 2015 annual Lightspeed Aviation Grant Competition for up to $10,000. Please vote for us at www.vote99s.com
  • A special thank you goes out to Coast Dog Aviation for providing an annual inspection for auction at the 2015 Poker Run! If you would like to make a bid, please email bccoast99s@gmail.com with your name and bid amount.
  • Check out this issue of Canadian Aviator… all about women in aviation! Women of Aviation
  • Dr. JoAnn Leavey of BC Coast Chapter has received a great honour: The Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award. This award recognizes individuals who volunteer their time to help others and to build a smarter and more caring nation. JoAnn is recognized for the compassion and engagement she demonstrates in her extensive volunteering in medical, community development, teaching and research areas.JoAnn is a student pilot. She has been pursuing her dream to fly since she was 23 years of age, but her training has been interrupted again and again by her medical studies: she is a Registered Nurse, and a Registered Psychologist, and is currently enrolled full-time in a Nurse Practitioner program. She volunteers extensively in disaster relief programs around the world, and provides health care and public health education to the ultra-poor. She hopes to finish her pilot’s licence to enhance her ability to make the world a better place.

  • Click play above to see a new one minute video produced by Lightspeed Aviation describing who we are and what we do. Thank you Lightspeed Aviation!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Welcome!!

    C said:
    May 16, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Hi Teena, great work. Love the slide show! Cessnagirl

    Elizabeth Sazdanoff said:
    July 28, 2020 at 6:05 pm

    I loved the selfie contest and all the great photos! Is there going to be another one? And is it limited to only BC chapter members? I’m in the Chicago chapter, but I have a bearded dragon who would love to go flying and a CFI who would hate it…so that makes it all the more fun for me.

      bccoast responded:
      July 29, 2020 at 4:10 pm

      I have forwarded your message and email address on to the executive so they can respond to you! The selfie contest was a great event! 🙂 Teena

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