2016 Poker Run

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tables open at 9am and close at 2:30. Be back at YPK by 3pm to hand in your hands and find out what GREAT prize(s) you win!!  How to play…
Remember to bid on Coast Dog Aviation’s Annual Inspection and enjoy the BBQ by the AeroClub at YPK.
Fly safely everyone!!

Prizes are rolling in for the 2016 Poker Run. Please support the businesses who are supporting us and let them know that you appreciate their support! Thank you for your support too! (Note: bring your hands to the Pitt Meadows table by 3pm to ensure you are eligible for prizes!)

** Be sure to have lunch at YPK where the AeroClub will be hosting a BBQ by donation.**

Auction snip

Also available at YPK – T-shirts by donation!! Suggested donation $15 for short sleeves and $20 for long.

99shirts poster

And the PRIZES from our generous sponsors:

 AeroClub of BC, Pitt Meadows — Use of clubhouse for Poker Run & meetings; Poker Run BBQ by donation

5 prizes: $100 AVGas, 4 x T-shirt and Hat


 The Tutoring Teachers — 1 prize: 1 hour of tutoring with a BC Certified Teacher

Tutoring Teachers Banner

Pitt Meadows Airport — 1 prize: $125 AVGas from the yellow Bowser truck


 COPA — 3 prizes: Sunglasses, Jacket, Golf Shirt

Image result for COPA pilots

 Canadian Aviator Magazine — 5 prizes: 5 free one year subscriptions

Your source for Canadian Aviation News

  Glacier Air, Squamish — 1 prize: One 20 minute Introductory Aerobatic flight, value $149

Fly the Ultimate Mountain Adventure in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with Glacier Air

  Vancouver Canadians, Vancouver — 1 prize: 4 Game Passes


 Jules Hair & Beauty Boutique, Maple Ridge — 1 prize: Free Hair Cut by Julia

Jules Hair and Beauty Boutique's Profile Photo

 Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria — 1 prize: Two Free Admission Passes

 Aerspace, Pitt Meadows — 1 prize: Aircraft Oil Change


The Canadian Museum of Flight — 1 prize: 1 Family Pass

Salima’s Day Spa, Langley — 1 prize: Free Lashes by Teresa


 Tara Shannon Artistry, Port Coquitlam — 1 prize: $50 of pampering (hair, nails, etc)

Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton, AB — 2 baseball hats, lapel pin, colouring book


Kumsheen Rafting Resort, Lytton, BC — 1 prize: Half-day Devil’s Gorge Run Whitewater Raft Trip


 Harry Pride 1 prize: $100 cash prize; $200 directly toward scholarships

 Partners in Health, Maple Ridge, BC — 1 prize: One Hour Massage

Partners In Health Maple Ridge

 Firkus Aircraft Inc., Chilliwack, BC — 2 prizes: $50 Tim Horton’s card, shirt

Firkus Aircraft

  Pro Aviation Safety Training — 1 prize: free aircraft ditching, underwater egress and sea survival training sessionPro Aviation Safety
 King George Aviation — 3 prizes: Introductory Ultralight FlightsKGA Flight School
 BC Aviation Museum — 1 prize: two complimentary passes

 Maple Ridge Parks and Leisure, Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows — 1 prize: 1 month pass


 Science World British Columbia — 1 prize: Admission for 2 adults and 2 children

Science World

 Classic Aviation Flight School — 1 hour in the SIM


Maple Ridge Volkswagen — 3 prizes: 2 jackets and a beach towel


 Maxcraft Avionics Ltd, Pitt Meadows — $495 Gift Certificate for a Basic Light Aircraft 24 month altimeter, transponder and static system check!


 Hyak Wilderness Adventures — 1 prize: 1 Paddle or Power Rafting Adventure

Hyak River Rafting Logo

 Fly Over Canada, IMAX — 1 Prize: 2 Adult Admissions and Souvenir Program


H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, Vancouver — 2 prizes: 2 for 1 Admission Passes

HR Macmillan Space Centre

A special thank you goes out to:

* AeroClub of BC for the use of their building for the Poker Run event!

* Cynthia Prescott, from O & S Engineering International INC for printing all the Poker Run posters!

Coast Dog Aviation **Annual Inspection** Highest Bid Winner

  • Rory Filer

2016 BC Coast 99s Poker Run Top Players

#1  Rory Filer                      Full House  10 & 9             $100 Aero Club Fuel

#2  Horst DoFek                Flush                                     $100 Cash donated by Harry Pride

#3  Jill Korstrom                Straight                                Glacier Air Aerobatic Flight

#4  Horst Romani              3 of A Kind King Hi 10      Fly Over Canada passes

#5  Jim Niessen                 3 of A Kind King Hi 8        Maxcraft Avionics $495 Certificate  for 24 month check

#6  Tim Cole                        3 of A Kind Q Hi King       $125 Pitt Meadows Airport Fuel

#7  Mike Butorac              3 of A Kind J Hi Ace          COPA Sunglasses

#8  H Pride/G Crawford 3 of A Kind 10 Hi 7            Maple Ridge VW-Jacket

#9  Gerard Charlton        3 of A Kind 8 Hi Ace         Kumsheen Rafting

#10 Jack Sidde                   3 of A Kind 8 Hi King        Vancouver Canadians- 4 game passes

#11 Dirk Sieber                  3 of A Kind 8 Hi Q              Maple Ridge VW-Jacket

#12 Joe Kramer                 3 of A Kind 7 Hi 9               King George Aviation UltraLight Flight

#13 Don Calderbank       3 of A Kind 7 Hi 6               Demel Aircraft Flight Bag

#14 Paul Basson                3 of A Kind 5 Hi J               Canadian Aviation Museum

#15 Bob Fleming               3 of A Kind 4 Hi Ace         HYAT River Rafting

#16 Paul Trudel                 Pair Ace Hi 10                     King George Aviation UltraLight Flight

#17 Harry Pride                 Pair Ace Hi King                 Canadian Aviator Subscription

#18 Doug Correa              Pair Ace Hi 8                       Partners In Health , James- 1HR Massage

#19 Else Stockman           Pair King Hi Ace                 Firkus Aircraft $50 Tim Hortons Gift Card

#20 Colleen Bethel          Pair King Hi 3                      Aerospace Aviation-Aircraft Oil Change

#21 Harry Pride                 Pair Queen Hi 6                 Science World Adult & Child Admissions

#22 Travis McCrea           Pair Queen/5                     Pro Aviation Safety Training-Underwater Egress

#23  Mike Butorac            Pair Queen/3                     Canadian Aviator Magazine Subscription

#24  Else Stockman          Pair Jack/10                        H.R. MacMillan Space Centre 2 for 1 Passes

#25  Tyler/Sam/Rob        Pair Jack/9  Hi Q Alberta Aviation Museum Hat/Shirt

#26  Horst Dofek              Pair Jack/7                           Canadian Aviator Magazine Subscription

#27  Glen/Malia Mellis   Pair 10/9                              Tara Shannon Artistry $50 Make Up/Hair/Nail

#28  Rory Filer                    Pair 9/5 Hi Ace                  Canadian Aviator Hat /Shirt

#29  Bruce Diennam        Pair 9/5 Hi 8                        Jules Hair and Beauty Boutique-Hair cut

#30  Paul Basson               Pair 9/4 Hi 5                        Canadian Museum of Flight- 1 Family Pass

#31  Gary Crawford         Pair 7/2 Hi 10                      COPA  Golf Shirt

#32  Penny Closen           Pair 7/2 Hi 5                        COPA Golf Shirt

#33  Larry Forseth            Pair 6/4 Hi 5                        Classic Aviation 1 HR SIM

#34  Tim Cole                     Pair Ace Hi King/5                             Maple Ridge VW Beach Towel

#35  Harry Pride                Pair Ace Hi King/4                             Forfeit Prize

#36  Kirsten C-GJTR         Pair Ace Hi Jack/10                           Salima’s Day Spa -Set of Lashes

#37  Don Calderbank      Pair Ace Hi Jack/7                             King George Aviation Ultralight Flight

#38  Kirsten C-GJTR         Pair Ace Hi 8                                       The Tutoring Teachers-1HR Tutoring

#39  Paul Meyer               Pair Ace Hi 7                                       Craigdarroch Castle-2 Passes

#40  Andy Rebolt              Pair King Hi Queen                           BC Aviation Museum-2 Passes